Expo Nogales 2019

New Year

The Asociación de Maquiladoras de Sonora is a manufacturing Export Business Association, located in Nogales, Mexico. We represent 60 companies with more than 36,000 direct jobs.

The financial investment of all maquilas in Nogales, Sonora comes from the United States, France, England, China, Germany, and México..

Making the right business decisions at the right time with respect to the portfolio of suppliers
is a factor that makes your business more profitable. That's why the Asociacion de Maquiladoras de
Sonora, A. C. (AMS-Index Nogales) always attentive, sensitive and cutting edge in terms of providing a
platform to interact and connect you with to improve the products and services alternatives
effortlessly , efficiently and as easily as possible here in Nogales.

Golf Tournament


2019 Nogales Maquiladora Association
Golf Tournament & Supplier Expo
Sponsorship Invitation

The Maquiladora Association of Nogales (AMS) would like you to become a sponsor of our Golf Outing in conjunction with this year Supplier Expo. Each year, the money collected from the tournament is used to fund scholarships given to local Nogales Students to help them further their education on both sides of the border. Last year, thanks to donations and sponsorships like yours, we were able to distribute more than $35,000 in scholarships. Our goal this year is to distribute more than $45,000, as the need for higher educated individuals here in Nogales increases every year. It is also very important that you understand that every dollar collected goes directly to the Education Committee and is used only for educational scholarships for our AMS kids. Each year we have more than 180 participants from companies in our industry as well as more than 80 companies sponsoring and supporting this very important event. As a sponsor your company will be recognized on banners as well as individually during our awards ceremony. This is an excellent time to promote your company and help our kids further their education. Last year we helped more than 110 students reach their dreams that they would not be able to without our help. We encourage you to reach into your heart and help us reach our GOAL of $45,000 dollars so we can give back to the community that we work and benefit from on a daily basis. This one event has been so important to the community and
we want to continue making it the best event ever and your support is greatly needed and appreciated.

Progama Deportivo 2019


Cada año, Index Nogales organiza un Torneo Deportivo para los Empleados de los Socios, el torneo ha beneficiado cada año a mas de 1,000 deportistas/Empleados hombres y mujeres compitiendo en Basquetbol, beisbol, futbol soccer, futbol rápido y Voleibol.
Al finalizar el Torneo los mejores jugadores son seleccionados para representar a Nogales en un Torneo Regional ó Nacional organizado en diferentes Ciudades por el Consejo Nacional de la Industria Maquiladora.
Nuestros equipos han resultado campeones en esta competencia los últimos 8 años en forma consecutiva.

Evento de Fin de Año (Festejo Navideño)


La Asociacion de Maquiladoras de Sonora lleva a cabo su evento Navideño donde los trabajadores de las Empresas Socios de AMS, son participes de estos festejos de amor y armonia, desarrollando las buenas relaciones entre empresas, con un espiritu de cordialidad y buenos deseos.